I am an engineer, maker, designer, and cyclist. I love working with my hands to engineer products and systems to be more efficient.

From the beginning, I have always been fascinated with building things. At the age of 6, I took my brother’s LEGO Bionicles and assembled them. Don’t worry! I gave them back. Overtime, my building skills have developed and I went from playing with LEGOs to making creations with wood, metal, glass, and other found objects.

I continue and will continue to experiment with the fundamentals of design and function. I am on the journey of discovering where my passions and talents can be leveraged to make a positive impact in the world. From using technology platforms like Solidworks and Adobe software to welding sculptures, I seek out different and complementary methods to process and convey my practical and creative ideas. My portfolio showcases many of the projects I am proud to have worked on.

By the way, you can call me Maggie.
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