The Exploration of Motion

In the fall of 2015, I took an independent study with Professor Paul Myoda in the visual arts department. For my project, I explored the science behind a bicycle and the actions one can create while pedaling. This project shows that a collaborative work of art can be achieved through the simple motion of pedaling a bicycle. The documentation of my process is shown on the left. At the end of the semester, one could pedal the bike to power the belt, which in turn powered the longer chain. The drawing machine could only move independent of the other gears. The tension was too loose so the chain kept coming off. In the future, I hope to continue with this project and create a steel base for the bike and wheel.

The inspiration for this project came from Joseph Griffith’s bicycle drawing machine, my passion for cycling, and my interest in interactive art. The majority of my piece is comprised of old bicycle parts, wood, and steel. I enjoyed working on this project, and I will continue working with bicycles and creating more sculptures.